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We’re talking about the first independent project develeped by Cloverbit.

Keep Quiet is an adventure game characterized by the importance of hearing. An innovative audile feedback, together with specific gameplay solutions, allows a new kind of game experience, which include exploration, combat, and more. Why this? Because it’s a product designed for blind and partially-sighted players. Keep Quiet aims to be an immersive game, not only accessible, and a real challenge for people with sight issues.

We made a considerable effort to develop a realistic audio spatialization using the binaural audio technology. Also music and audio effects add a great value to the experience

The game has also an enjoyable visual element, thanks to the pictures of Francesca Follini, a talented cartoonist and illustrator. Keep Quiet isn’t just a set of innovative solutions, it’s a solid fantasy adventure, with an original setting, created expressly by Stefano Stradaioli.

State: work in progress.

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