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BullRoarer is an audio technology which aims to simulate the propagation of sounds in the surrounding environment, thus creating an immersive gaming experience. Its development started as a need to improve the sound fidelity of ”Echoes From Levia: Soulbound” and evolved as a standalone audio middleware. 

At its current state it is fully integrated in the Unity3D engine and its goal is to provide an immersive and accurate sound capable of achieving true 3D spatialization (via HRTF), audio occlusion and propagation as well as a precise sound reproduction of sound effects, including reverberations and echoes. Particularly important is how this technology calculates early reflections, which are the main locating mechanism used by the auditory system, ensuring an immediate perception of objects or obstacles by the listener. 

Such results are obtained by proprietary algorithms which simulate sound propagation by taking in account physical factors of the surrounding environment such as materials density, humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. Our audio material system also allows you to choose the composition of models materials as well as other parameters and allows you to create new ones, making the sounds and effects tuning easy and flexible.

Bullroarer is also a very useful tool for audio design allowing you to use pre-existing geometric properties and game level materials to create an accurate sound model of the environment. This allows you to record sounds without effect, since they will automatically be calculated based on the parameters provided, reaching a higher level of productivity and an agile development.


Bullroarer is able to simulate local occlusion of sounds and the way they propagate in the gaming environment resulting in immersive and consistent audio. The system analyzes the physical aspects of the level geometry and calculates the appropriate parameters for the effects to be applied.


Using physical laws on propagation and decay of sound waves, Bullroarer is able to offer unprecedent audio fidelity. Frequency and timing of audio filters are representative of the game environment, thus creating a consistent sound. All this happens in real time with the ability to choose between different sampling presets for even more accurate results.


Bullroarer has a set of tools to define the behaviour of audio filters. Sound probes scan proximity to get information on volumes, geometry and environmental parameters by defining how sound waves propagate, while audio material informs the system of how to modulate sound by calculating the absorbed and reflected amount.


Bullroarer comes as a fully integrated middleware with Unity3D engine including its own tools and control panels. This system is designed to support fast and accurate implementation by eliminating the production of sound effects and automatically managing transitions between the various audio sources.